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Thank you for choosing ProTemps/ProTegé as part of your career planning. We strive to provide high-value service to each and every one of our candidates.


Payroll Process

pdfPayroll Process Document

time sheet

Time Sheet

pdfTime Sheet Alberta

pdfTime Sheet Ontario

Fill in the details of employment, have it signed by the employer and then fax, mail, or hand deliver a copy to your ProTemps/ProTegé office.


Direct Deposit

pdfDirect Deposit Calgary

pdfDirect Deposit Edmonton

pdfDirect Deposit Mississauga & GTA

Forms must be printed, then filled out by your Financial Institution and then have a VOID cheque attached.

ProTemps Employee Information Package

Download the pdfProtemps Employee Information Package

Important Notice Regarding Bill 139 (for Ontario Candidates only)

This new Bill affects all temporary agencies and their employees. As of November 6, 2009, all new assignments will have to be sent to you in writing confirming the company name, address, job description and stating the start and finish date. Many of these assignments will generally be extended as it often happens, but you will always have the next estimated finish date in advance and in writing from ProTemps/ProTegé. All ProTemps/Protegé temporary employees must provide an active email address. If you do not have an email address, you will need to come into our office to receive the paperwork before starting any of our job assignments.. All employees going forward will acknowledge that your employment is for a specific assignment/project and that accordingly, at the end of the assignment, your employment will automatically end and you will not be entitled to any further notice of termination, nor pay in lieu of said notice, nor any severance pay.

In case of injury at work

Always follow safe work practices, procedures and rules at an assignment. Should an injury occur:

  • Get first aid immediately, if needed
  • Tell your supervisor at the assignment and ProTemps/ProTegé about the injury immediately
  • All ProTemps/ProTegé employees are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner, following all safety rules to avoid injury.

Checking in for work

It is important to advise your consultant of:

  • your availability (call once a week)
  • If you have found a permanent position - it is customary to give one weeks notice.
  • If you accept an assignment with another agency, let us know when you assignment is finishing and when we may reach you during the day to book you into another assignment.

Let us know how your ProTemps/ProTegé assignment is going

Once you have settled into your assignment, call your consultant to let them know how things are progressing. As well, leave us the direct line or extension number where you can be reached should ProTemps/ProTegé need to contact you.

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