Temporary Placement Guarantee & Terms

All temporary placements carry a guarantee of four hours. Should an applicant not be suitable, a credit will be applied for the four hours and a replacement will be made if so desired.

After 12 full consecutive weeks (no less than 480 hours) of temporary employment, the client may hire our employee on a permanent basis at no further charge. Guarantee not applicable.

Should the employee be hired or referred to a third party for any other position within the firm/company within a 12-month period the employer/client is obligated to pay a placement fee in accordance with our permanent fee schedule.

Acceptance of the services of our temporary staff or the interviewing of any candidate referred by ProTemps / PROTEGÉ will be deemed as acceptance of our terms.

While every effort is made by ProTemps / PROTEGÉ to maintain a high standard of integrity and reliability, ProTemps/ProTegé assumes no responsibility for any loss, expense, damage or delay arising directly or indirectly as a result of any failure to provide staff for all or part of the period of the booking or as a result of the misconduct or negligence of the staff provided.

It is understood that the client and/or signing authority of ProTemps / PROTEGÉ staff will not entrust ProTemps / PROTEGÉ employees with the handling of cash, negotiables or other valuables, or the use of the client's vehicle (whether leased/owned). However; should a client choose to have a ProTemps/ProTegé employee operate their vehicle; it must be adequately insured by the client with public liability, property damage, collision, fire and theft coverage, and that the employee and ProTemps/ProTegé shall have the full benefit and protection of such insurance.

Permanent Placement Guarantee & Terms

ProTemps / PROTEGÉ will make every effort to supply a suitable replacement at no extra charge. This replacement guarantee can be applied only once on any given hire and is dependent upon ProTemps / PROTEGÉ being notified by the client/employer before the end of the 90 day guarantee period. (This will not apply in the event of layoff or company relocation.)

In the event that none of our replacement candidates prove suitable or should you not need a replacement, the following will apply:

A credit of your original placement will be applied to a future placement should the employee leave or be dismissed during the 90 day guarantee period and provided the placement fee has been paid within 15 days of the invoiced date.

The interviewing of any candidate referred by ProTemps / PROTEGÉ constitutes acceptance of the terms stated.

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